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June 13, 2013

Medical Bulletin

by Carl Ellenberger, MD

...from the British Medical Journal, 2009. How did I ever overlook this gem?

"This article by Sarah Bache and Frank Edenborough in our Christmas issue 2008 referred to cello scrotum. It has now emerged that the reference that they provided for the first description of this condition (a letter published in the BMJ in 1974) was a hoax. The author of the 1974 letter (a non-doctor) and his then wife (a doctor who was involved in writing the letter) confessed to the hoax in a rapid response posted on bmj.com in December 2008 and published as a letter in January 2009.  We have not yet been able to verify whether they are right to conclude that the letter describing guitar nipple (Curtis P. Guitar nipple. BMJ 1974;2:226), which prompted their letter on cello scrotum, was also a hoax."

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